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Raw Dog Food Diet – Why Your Dog Needs It

raw dog food diet
Raw Meat

Raw Dog Food Diet Introduction

As dog owners, or pet owners generally, you ought to know that one of the most important things you need to provide for your pet is his food. The type of food you feed your dog must be healthy enough to protect him against any form of a disease.  This is what a raw dog food diet can accomplish.

Choosing a healthy and balanced diet for your dog is a daunting and complex subject that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Truly, feeding your dog can be quite expensive. You want your dog to have the best diet but, commercial dog food is not cheap.

As a matter of fact, dogs are carnivores and have the same metabolism as the wolf. This makes commercial dog foods containing corn and grain not appropriate for your dog’s metabolism.

Though it is impossible for a commercial food to contain the same supplement as a natural raw diet, yet there is a potentially healthier alternative which is economically viable to most dog owners. This is called the “raw dog food diet” and you can start bringing young dogs on to it right from being a puppy.

Raw-meat-malletThis type of diet is a method of feeding your dog with a diet that excludes all commercial type of dog feeds. The type of food you feed them will be the primary determining factor as to how healthy they will remain for a long time. This article will teach you some interesting benefits.

These three food types make up a this diet.

  1. Liver

Liver is full of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients such as zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, b12, and iron, all of which contribute to keeping your dog’ s body lean (keeping fit) and also helping your dog maintain strength.

  1. Fruits
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Fruit supplies your dog with high levels of vitamin C which is responsible for the optimal functionality of the immune system. In case you don’t know, free radicals are responsible for causing cancer and propelling the signs of aging. But when your dogs are fed with fruits that have anti-oxidant properties such as berries; these conditions can be prevented or impeded.

  1. Vegetables

Every balanced food should contain an appropriate amount of fruit and vegetables. Vegetables will provide essential vitamins A, B, C, and K that will improve their eye sight and other sensory organs. Fiber is an integral part of this.

Fibers’ ability to flush out toxins from a dogs’ body quickly and efficiently makes it crucial to a dog’s health. These fibers are obtained from vegetables which enhances the function of your dogs’ digestive system. They get the digestive system ready for its next meal in the most optimal state.


  1. Strong Gum and Teeth

The raw dog food diet helps to toughen and clean the dog’s teeth, especially when given bones to chew on because the teeth rub against the bone when chewing. The rubbing wipes off its teeth and strengthens both the teeth and gums against decay.

  1. Shiner Coat

This type of diet may develop a shiner coat for your dog. Come to think of this, not all dog food products sold in stores contain all the necessary nutrients needed by your dog.

Oil is one of the key nutrients that are difficult to find in these products and this oil helps to promote a shiny coat. A full raw meal, contains such nutrients that will give your pet a healthier and shiny coat.

  1. Easy Digestion
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If you want your dog to have more energy, you are advised to stop feeding it with processed food. They require more time to metabolize processed foods. However, when using raw it can be digested easily. This makes the dog’s body more ready to extract sufficient energy from raw food and this means higher energy levels.

Other benefits of raw dog food diets include:

  • It will prevent your dog from any allergy attack, especially canine allergens.
  • It will help boost your dog’s immune system.
  • It has the right amount and nutritional value needed for your dog to stay healthy.
  • Your dog will have less sick days with this kind of diet.
  • No need for expensive pitbull supplements just to help your dog’s health.
  • Your dog will have faster healing time and recovery body with this kind of diet.

Note: Your dog may be allergic or not like to go with some sort of meat or vegetable for the first few weeks. If this tends to the case, stop serving it to your dog and make observations on when to go about it.

Now that you have some knowledge of how important this raw diet is to your dog’s regime, you can wean them onto it, especially when they start from a very early age. Such a diet can be a cheaper and healthier alternative to the normally processed food approach. This is worth considering for your dog.  But if you can’t supply a raw diet then consider a good high performance dog food.

You might also want to consider some probiotics for your friend as well to add to their health when using only this type of food regimen.

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And last but not least, if you are having issues with you pup eating there are things you can try.