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pitbull strength trainingOne thing about Pitbulls is, the ability to work out with pitbull strength training like it was meant to be done.

And, it’s very good for dogs to work out regularly just like it is for humans.

Humans and dogs share about 70% of the same genetic makeup.

While another 30% may be different, one thing is for certain any dog can benefit from a regular workout.

But there are some rules you should follow before working out any dog.

Here we will cover some basic ideas of what you can do to work out your dog.

Always check with a licensed veterinarian before making any dog undertake any workouts.

The reason you want to do so is, every dog is different and some may have other issued only a test or vet can revel.

And, once that’s found out, you may not want to push your dog.

A Word About Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the best things you can do for your dog.

Not only will it help them to grow better.

But, it can also help their health for years to come and help them avoid other pitbull health issues.

Always try and start when your dog is you and find the best dog food for pitbull puppies.

The Age to Start The Workouts

We get a lot of people asking about when they should start their dog on regular workouts.

And, as a rule of thumb around a year of age is good.

However yes, you can start working out puppies with weights at about 12 weeks of age.

But only on a very small level to start and again, check with your vet.

How To Start My Dog Working Out?

You will want to start your dog slowly and build up over time.

Dogs, just like humans can break or injure tendons, bones, and muscles.

So, they will need a warm-up period just like anyone else.

You don’t go to the gym one time and “well, ok that’s it I’m done for life.”  Not even close.

It takes time to build up a body and with each session, you will find your dog getting stronger and stronger.

This is always the best approach to take.

Many people want to rush the process and that is not a good thing to do.

What Meals Do I Feed My Dog?

It’s not only important to ask what meals but it’s also important to ask when.

Giving your dog the proper meals is a very important thing.  Try and find the best dog food for pitbull puppies.

They need to follow a balanced diet for all their organs to function properly.

Also, adding pitbull supplements to the mix can help provide all the nutrition they need that they do not get through processed food.

Also, it’s just as equally important about when and how much you give your dog.

Again, always work with your vet, but it’s best if your dog eats at-least 2 smaller meals a day.

And the reason this is better is, it’s easier on the dog’s digestions system.

The best diet for your dog is a raw dog food diet and then 2nd is a good 5-star dog food.

What Pitbull Strength Training can My Pitbull or Dog do?

There are many types of exercises your pit-bull can do.

These range from using weights, to not using any weights at all.


Running is an age-old way to exercise for dogs and humans alike.

In order to make it strength training, you have to use hills, valleys, and up and down.

Yes, it sounds so simple but it really can go along way for helping your dog gain muscle.

Running can be very good to not only keep their body running clean and clear but yes, it can help your dog build lean muscle mass as well.

Weight Training

Usually, when you think of heavy pitbull strength training, weights are involved and for good reason.

Good old fashioned weights can be one of the best ways to build muscle on your dog.

But, you have to take care so your dog does not overdo it.

Always be careful when it comes to your dog.

While there are many benefits to using weights for K9’s they are also one of the easiest ways to injure a dog quickly.

Many dogs have a tendency to overdo things and using weights is no exception.

They will work hard to impress their owners sometimes until complete exhaustion.

This can not only harm a dog but dogs do die every year from being overworked.

So always use caution as this can be avoided easily.

Always start small and low when it comes to weights and pitbull strength training.

Using weights is something that develops muscles overtime.

Never go full bore right from the start.

You will want to have your dog pull a small amount of weight at first and then build.

Following a Routine

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to get them on a routine when it comes to working out and pitbull strength training.

Performing weekly workouts will help to lessen injury over time.

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