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Pitbull Dog Training

A pit bull – boxer mixed breed dog

Pitbull dog training is a huge industry these days and it’s only getting bigger.

Now, landing in this article you might be wondering how you go about this.

So were going to cover several aspects for you.  You might want just a little info about it or maybe you want to find a good pro in your area.

You could also want to find a way to do some at home.  Also, are you looking for obedience, strength, using weights, or more?

Pitbull Obedience Training

Pitbulls are great dogs that have got a lot of bad press.

While it’s true there are some pit bulls who have attacked and even killed, the majority are not likely to do so.

And if you buy or are given a pitbull puppy, you have an advantage if you start them at a very young age.

Pitbulls are very good dogs who do well in these settings.  They do very well when a professional is at the helm.  They are also very loyal dogs to their owners.

The wort thing you can do is being very aggressive with yelling and hitting.  Dogs will not learn this way no matter what anyone thinks.

You are far better off hiring a professional.  A pro will take time and work with your dog in the correct way that will not compromise your dog’s ability to learn.

A good local place to start to look for a class is at your local Petco Store local Petco Store.

Or check with a local animal shelter.  Many times professionals volunteer their time walking and training dogs.

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Strength Type

This type of training is an all together different type, as the goal is to have your dog show muscle mass after a decent amount of time.  This can be done in a few ways:

  1. with weights
  2. with a flirt pole
  3. And last with a spring pole

using weights for pitbull strength training is actually a great way to start your dog done a proper path when done correctly.

You just have to make sure you don’t push your dog too much too fast is.  Many times a dog who weight trains will develop a special bond with their owners.

Many times you can just go to the park and use a weight harness and allow your dog to pull the weight over the field.

Over time your dog will gain muscle mass and look better.

Using a flirt pole is another great product you can use in this instance.

If you don’t know what one is, its just like the pole with a feather you see everyone with a cat have.

All you do is drag the pole around and your dog will chase it.  This helps with muscle mass and everything else including the joints.

Building A Flirt Pole

A Spring Pole

This is pretty much the same thing as a flirt pole but you attach it to a tree or something else that’s sturdy.

Many times you will see dogs grab on to them and hold their position for a bit.  Or the dog will start swinging from them.

This action allows the dog’s muscles to be built as well.

Agility Training

This type is, the one you see where dogs go through courses including tunnels, jumps, and more.

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This can be an awesome, however, usually this type is reserved for dogs who participate in sports events.  But, if you can find a class in your area its great.

Positive Re-enforcement

This is the most common type you see all over.  This is where a trainer will use some type of treat to get the dog to respond.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog as healthy as they can be is very important.  This breed is prone to many pitbull health problems.

If your dog doesn’t eat enough of the right foods then they will lack the ability to recover correctly and will not be able to give their all.

Make sure you start with a good foundation and that includes finding the best dog food you can find for your dog.

Then also look into feeding a good supplement along with their food.  The supplement will help to pick up where the food doesn’t provide.

Most, if not all foods are processed by law in the way they are prepared so a overall dog supplement can help with your dog’s overall health.