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Pitbull Hair Loss 4 Simple Steps To Prevent It

If you are a dog owner and have experienced pitbull hair loss, then this post is for you.  Some may be because of nerves and other times it can be from some form of the disease.  What’s important is finding out what is causing your dog to go bald and trying to remedy the problem for them.

Many times the quick fix is not right on the surface and so easy to spot.  However, finding out why may also take a trip to your local vet.

pitbull hair loss

It has also been reported that a dog losing hair can be something more serious when it comes to their health but fortunately this is not always the case and usually it is treatable.

Below are a few reasons why your dog could be losing their hair.

How long does it take for Pitbull hair to grow back?

A Pitbull’s hair will grow back in a few weeks but this depends on their hair texture. It takes dogs with short, thin fur about two weeks to grow back their full coat of hair after being shaved or clipped down.

Pitbull Hair Loss Treatment

Below you will find some of the reasons why your pitbull can lose their hair and hair loss treatments for your dog. Taking simple steps daily can help prevent your pitbull from losing their hair.

-Daily brushing will distribute natural oils and keep the skin of your dog healthy, which promotes hair growth

-If you use a shampoo with sulfates or other chemical ingredients that can damage your pup’s skin, try to find one without those harmful chemicals. Be sure it is free of dyes

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– Inadequate nutrition: Pitbulls can lose hair due to malnutrition if they are not getting the proper nutritional balance in their diet – this is especially important during periods of rapid growth when the pitbull’s body needs more protein and other essential vitamins and minerals like B12, zinc, vitamin D, iron, folate

Dog Needs A Better Diet To Prevent Pitbull Hair Loss

This is usually the most common reason why a dog could be losing their hair.  Many owners are not really educated when it comes to feeding nutrition for their pets.  So, they feed them anything off the local dollar store shelf.  All they think is they are saving money and feeding their pet, when in fact they could be doing more harm than good feeding junk dog food.

Too Much Protein

Feeding your dog too much protein too quickly can also be a cause of pitbull hair loss and lots of itching.  Many people get a new dog and buy as much dog food and supplements as they can find, then they give these to their dogs all at once.  Never do this, always check first with your vet and feed anything new like a vitamin or supplement slowly so you can see if your dog is going to agree with it.

Never Feed Cheap Food Ever!

Instead of opting for the cheap meals look for a more 100% all-natural meal for your dog whether it be kibble or something else.  We have seen it many times where people will feed their dog a cheap meal only to find their dog has some form of skin rash or they are showing pitbull hair loss.  However, when they change foods and actually spend a little, then the dog has a dramatic turnaround and their coat starts to look shiny and new again.

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Raw meat is also a good thing for dogs.  [ref]http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2011/02/15/raw-meat-the-best-and-healthiest-diet-for-pet-cats-and-dogs.aspx?x_cid=youtube[/ref]

Dog May Need Supplementation

It can truly depend on what you feed your dog but, sometimes your dog may not be able to digest all their nutrients on the food they eat.  This is where supplementation will come in for pitbull hair loss.

Supplements can provide the much-needed nutrients your dog needs to have a healthy and happy life.  Supplements will pick up where your dogs food leaves off.  Always be sure and check with your vet as well.

pitbull hair loss

Some Trauma May Have Happened

Your poor dog may have recently been through some form of trauma recently which can certainly cause hair loss caused by an injury.  Your dog could also be licking their own hair over and over causing it to fall out.  This is called, acral lick dermatitis and will cause damage to their hair follicles.

Allergies Could Be The Cause

We all get them, dogs and humans alike.  Allergies can be a big culprit to your dog losing their hair.  And, these are allergies that can be from natural and man-made products also.

Just be sure to look for red spots on your dogs skin, any swelling and or itching.  If you suspect some allergy, then think if there was anything new introduced to your dog recently which may be causing the issue.  This includes if you were using a new dog food.

Imbalance of Their Hormones

Deficiency in anything having to do with their thyroid, pituitary or adrenal glands can all cause hair loss.  It’s important to work with your vet for the proper diagnosis.

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Sickness & Infections

Other sicknesses and infections can all cause hair loss.  Look for things such as ringworm or an infection of the hair follicle.  The other bad news here is it could be caused by cancer also.


One of the first things we recommend people try if the dog looks healthy otherwise is to try changing their diet and or adding supplements.  Many times this is the change your dog needs to have their skin and coat looking healthy once again.

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