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Do Dogs Need Probiotics


This is a question many dogs owners ask once they find out about probiotics.  After all, many people take probiotics so, why can’t dogs.  First and foremost, it’s always best to check with your local vet when trying anything new for your dog.

Dogs and people alike can benefit from probiotics and there are many reasons they can help with many health ailments.  About 60% to 70% of red blood cells come from the gut and if the good gut bacteria has been exposed to things like antibiotics then, the gut or stomach may not be as healthy as it once was and this can be the answer that will help your dog.

What Can Throw Off Good Gut Bacteria?

Some things that can throw off the good gut bacteria in your dog are stress, over antibiotic use, creams, steroids and a bad diet.  High over antibiotic use is a huge one and, many pets and people are overly given these for many colds, surgeries and other illnesses.

If you study nutrition somewhat, anyone will be amazed when it comes to the foods we humans and our dogs eat, that can wreak havoc on the system.  Even certain vegetables can make a diet go the other way in certain cases.  So, it’s important to learn a little about what you and your dog eats so you can make sound decisions.  Once place you can start to learn about nutrition is nutritionfacts.org.  This website is the life work of Dr. Michael Greger M.D.. He uses case studies to show you the effects of nutrition.  And, while this site is most about health and nutrition for humans, it’s a great place to get your feet wet when you start asking about your dogs health.

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Knowing What Type Of Bacteria To Use

There are many different types of bacteria that each probiotic can use.  And, certain ones are used for certain types of ailments.  It’s usually best to check with your veterinarian as to which type can help your pet.  Here is a picture file from Dr. Josh Axe listing the different strains of probiotics and what they are used for.

Which Probiotic Supplement Do I buy?

Gorilla MaxThis is a question we get all the time.  While there are many single probiotic supplements on the market, there are also complete products that include them in their multivitamin product.  One such product is Gorilla Max from BullyMax.com.  Gorilla Max is a complete supplement that includes the bacteria bacillus coagulans which has been know to really help the GI Tract of dogs.

How To Know If Your Dog Can Benefit From Them?

Did you know some probiotics can help with hair growth,hair loss and skin issues?  There can be many signs your dog is giving you that they can be helped by probiotic supplements.  Some of these can be skin issues such as constant itching, over shedding, brittle of dry skin, a bad odor coming from the mouth or other areas of your dog body and others.

One of the big sings your dog may need them as we pointed out earlier is antibiotic use.  Some doctors say that even using these one time can cause a throw off the beneficial gut bacteria.

Start Slow When Giving Anything New

One thing we want to point out is when giving any new product to your dog.  Always start slow and less than the recommended dose on the back of the bottle.  The reason is two-fold.  One, it’s good to start out slow because many times your dogs body will need time to get used to the product.  And two, your dog could be allergic to the type of product you buy and giving a much less dose from the start will help to lessen the reaction if there is one.

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So, please always take it slow with any new supplement you give your dog.

What Conventional Medicine Says

Some Conventional doctors have been against probiotic use, stating they don’t work or if used they do not make it past the stomach and into the G.I. Tract and do not survive at all.  But, more holistic veterinarians have researched this and studies have been proving now that dogs who use probiotics live longer, have less disease and recover much faster than dogs who do not take them.

Some Foods Include Probiotics

Some foods including yogurt and sauerkraut include probiotics.  These are natural and ok for your dog.  However, always check with your vet before taking the natural route.  See our Orijen Dog Food review here which does include probiotics.

Is There Any Research Against Probiotics?

Yes, there is.  As always there is a caveat for anything.  And we want you to make informed decisions when it comes to your pet.  When it comes to health we encourage you to take a look at all angles when deciding about certain medications or supplements to give yourself or your dog.



Some Dog Foods Include Them As Well

There are some of the best dog foods on the market you can also buy that include probiotics.  Just look at the ingredients to see if they include them.

Is There A Best Time To Give Probiotics?

Now, you might want to check with your vet about this and or the manufacture of the type of supplement you buy.  But, check out Dr. Gregers video below about probiotic survival in the body.

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Can I Use Cheaper Supplements?

This is a very good questions as not everyone has the money to buy the best out there all the time.  But we prefer to say use the best supplement your money can buy.  More pharmaceutical grade products tend to work better than the cheaper brands.  But, we encourage you to check third party review and testing site like consumer labs.


In The End

The bottom line is you need to do your home work and talk to professional veterinaries before making an informed decision.  Remember then internet is the single greatest research tool ever invented but only believe about 50% of what you read.  And yes that includes our content.  We are very good and research and what we do but we are not veterinaries.  Please make an informed decision.