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Is Your Dog Not Eating? Here are some Reasons why.

Dog Not Eating At All

Is your dog not eating at all?  Every now and again people ask why their dog is not eating and there could be a whole host of reasons as to why.  These can range from a simple issue all the way to a severe health problem.  The critical thing to do if this happens to your dog is to troubleshoot the issue and see if you can remedy the problem.

Far too many dog owners just throw up their hands in frustration, and many become mean about it.  It does not help your dog in any way and can have detrimental effects on your dogs well being.

Also, if you find your self-becoming increasingly frustrated in this type of situation, then it’s important to seek the help of a professional vet.

Here are some reasons why your dog may not be eating as well as you like.

Dental Issues

Teeth need to be healthy, clean and in good shape for almost any mammal to enjoy the food.  If your dog starts not to eat their food one day you may want to take a look at their mouth.  It could be something as simple as a bad tooth from a cavity, or it could be a much worse dog not eating problem.

Many dogs if they have any issues with their teeth, will just shy away from eating and hard type foods and not even let you know something is going on inside their mouth.

The video below will help you check your dog’s teeth.

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Your Dog Is Finicky

Many dogs just like people can be very picky when it comes to eating.  Their taste-buds might only like certain types of food, and they will not be open to trying anything else.  If this is the case and you want them to work that new food you just bought there are a couple of tricks you can try.

You can try and store your dog’s new food in the refrigerator over-night.  This way it will absorb the smell of everything in the fridge and will mask the smell of the food.  You can also try and mix some yogurt over-top of their food, which will give it another taste.  You can even try adding hot water poured over the top of your dog’s diet.  It can make it a little easier to chew and will also help to mask the smell of the food.

Try adding cooked eggs or some turkey or other meat over the top of their food.  Its tasty to dogs and it may just be enough to get them to eat their food.

The Food You Bought Is Low Quality

One of the reasons some dogs will not eat certain foods is the food is low quality, and the dog doesn’t like either the smell or the taste.  It can be familiar with low-quality foods.  The fix is, do the best you can to spend money on higher quality food.  In this case, a high-quality food would be better.

Not Enough Exercise

If your dog was exercising in the morning, let’s say, and then all of a sudden something changes like your working hours, this can lead to your dog not wanting to eat during certain times.  In situations like these, things can clear up with sometimes.

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A Change in Your Dogs Daily Routine

Just like we mentioned above, if there is a change in what your dog was used to like walks during a particular time or something else.  It can also lead to your dog skipping meals and your dog not eating when they should.  The solution here is to try and get as close back to the routine your dog was used to and see if that fixes the problem.

A Change in Your Dogs Diet

Many times when you introduce new food a dog will turn their nose up at the new menu.  Sometimes it may just take a little time for your dog to get used to the fresh food.  Don’t give up right away, if your dog does this.  Keep the new food in the bowl and see if a dog eats within 24 hours.  If not then you might have to switch back to the old food for a bit until you figure out what your dog might bite.

There is also the possibility your dog could be allergic to the food you are giving them.

You can also consider a raw diet.

Illness of Some Sort

Many times a dog will not let you know when they are sick will cause a dog not eating at all.  They will show by their actions only.  And, that step can be not eating.  At this point, it is best to take your dog to a vet and see if they can figure out why your dog has stopped.  Many sicknesses can cause your dog not to eat.  You can stop and take a look at why this has happened, but if you cannot figure it out in a reasonable amount of time then don’t wait too long to get your dog to be seen by a professorial.

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Do not wait too long after your dog does not eat to at-least call a vet.  If your dog is going on a couple of days without eating, then it is time to call your vets office and let them know what is going on.