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Dog Muscle Building

No matter if your dog is not looking great or if you want to enroll him in a contest, he does need to feel and look his best at all times.

That’s why opting for dedicated dog muscle building programs and tips is always a very good idea.

One has to wonder though, which is the best option for you if you want to help your dog build up muscle?

While it can be very challenging to do so, we found that there are a few universal tips, which will work regardless of the dog breed, all you have to do is to give them a shot the best way you can.

dog-muscle-buildingThe reality is that you can help your dog acquire muscle at any given time during his life.

Sure, doing dog muscle building for puppies is better and easier to do because older dogs won’t really bulk up as much muscle, to begin with, and that on its own can be very challenging, to begin with.

What we recommend you to do here is to make sure that you are ready to start the process because it does require work and commitment.

One thing to note here is that you have to believe in your dog because if you do then nothing will be able to stop you.

We know that the process is hard and frustrating, but you have to believe in your dog. If you really do that, then there’s nothing really able to stop you for sure. With that in mind, here are some of the best tips that you can keep in mind.

Put your dog on a good diet

Obviously, the stuff that your dog eats will automatically help or make dog muscle building a lot harder.

If you give him bad quality food, then your dog will not be able to acquire protein and carbs that are needed to generate muscle.

It’s a very frustrating thing to do to be honest because you are most likely trying to cut down food costs by getting lower quality food.

You should never do that. Low-quality food is bad for any dog all the time, and in the dog food world, this is pretty much the same effect. You should try and give your dog the best food on the market if you want him to be healthy and acquire muscle.

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Granted, it will be a challenge at first but it’s something to focus on if you want a very good experience in the end.

We recommend you to opt for food that has natural meats, protein and all the vitamins that your dog might need.

Talk with the doctor as he will be able to help you quite a bit here. Of course, try to take your time and do the best you can to find high-quality food.

Avoid the food that has corn-based products or unnamed meats. Whole meats are always a lot better and they will provide a very good value, which is why you should totally check them out.

Your dog might also be lacking in pounds.  if he is then you might need to find a good weight gainer for dogs to help pack on the lbs to turn into muscle.

Add supplements to get the extra nutrients

Obviously, not every dog food has all the nutrients that your dog might need. This is why you should always try to consider getting some extras in the form of supplements.

Again, it’s a good idea to talk with the vet as he will tell you what your dog needs. Sometimes he will need vitamins, other times minerals or proteins. Usually, it’s a good idea to have supplements that include a combination of these to get the best possible outcome.

Most of the good nutrients will always have the important facts and nutritional info shared on the label.

You do need to know this if you want to perform dog muscle building the right way. Of course, if you see that some info isn’t shared on the label, then you can always opt for something else. Just keep that in mind to get the best outcome.


Obviously, the best dog muscle building tips come in the form of exercising. You have to do all in your power in order to exercise often and the more you do so the more challenging it will be in the end.

Daily walks are always great and they can start up the process. However, running and dedicated training exercises can be very good so you just have to take your time to get the best possible outcome.

Your dog needs to have a good mental state in order to exercise so be certain that you maintain the exercising level as high as it can be.

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Granted, this will not be easy to do but it will offer you the best way to help your dog accumulate the muscles you want it to have.

It’s important to work with the vet and see whether the exercises you do are ok for your dog. Not all exercises are great for dog muscle building which is why asking your vet can be helpful.

Sometimes you need to address joints, other times the muscle in a direct manner so the necessary exercises will vary from time to time.

Working with the vet will make the entire experience simpler and more refined which is what you want in the end, to be honest.

This way you can also figure out if your dog can handle so much exercise or not. Vary the exercises and take breaks. Just like a human, dogs do need to relax so the dog muscle building exercises shouldn’t take place multiple times a day because you will end up doing harm.

Add a weight vest

A good weight vest can indeed be a solid addition and it’s really easy to use actually. A good weight vest is also inexpensive which makes it even better of an addition to your product stash. We do recommend you to take your time and start training your dog with just a few reps. Try to gradually increase the number of reps.

Also, you can also use spring poles if you want as they can build up the muscle of your dog.

Vary exercises

Not all exercises work for all dogs so when you do dog muscle building you should try to do something new all the time. Harnesses, pulling, swimming are maybe some of the best examples of exercises that can help the dog build up muscle.

Try to study your dog and see what he likes and what he dislikes because this will come in handy. Take your time and make sure that you will address the problem as fast as possible.

Granted, it will not be easy but it will offer you a great way to improve the muscle mass of your dog without forcing him into doing something that might not be pleasant.

Of course, try to see if the vet approves as well, just to be certain that everything is ok. Once you have everything in place, you just have to take your time and the experience will be a lot better in the end, that’s for sure.

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Again, you need to make sure that the exercise routine doesn’t get combined with bad food.

Keeping a proper diet for your puppy will offer you all the help that you will need in this regard and it does pay off immensely in the end.

Keeping a good eye on this never hurts, so try to seamlessly combine quality food with a pleasant and varied workout routine. Do that and the dog muscle building process will be a lot easier.

Allow time for the muscles to grow and develop properly

It’s to start your dog out with a light workout when they are a puppy and just because you work out hard, it doesn’t mean that you will get results very fast. In fact, what you need to do is to allow time for the muscles to develop.

Let your dog build up muscle naturally and don’t force the process at all. Instead, make sure that you continue the routine and address it properly.

It will be very well worth it in the end, you can rest assured of that. Of course, you can try to take pictures each day or once a few days to monitor the process.

This will show you if there was any progress made and how good was it in the first place. Believe it or not, this can be a great motivator in the long run!

Yes, dog muscle building does take time and effort but it’s a pleasant and immersive experience.

It’s unique, interesting, refined and one of the best ways to improve the health and looks of your dog. Try to keep your dog happy so don’t go too much into intense workouts. Just take your time and rest assured that things can end up being very good in the end.

You just have to be committed and leave your dog to rest at times. Just be patient, immerse yourself in the experience, and support your dog the best way you can. Do that, and rest assured that the entire dog muscle building process will be extraordinary in the end!