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Dog Itching Remedies

Dog Itching Remedies and What We Found Helps

Here are some dog itching remedies for you to consider.  One of the biggest issues owners can face, is when your friend starts scratching and won’t stop.  It can truly be a very frustrating problem for both parties and can start and stop after only a few weeks.  But, it can also carry on for weeks on end if nothing is done about it.

The cause can range from very mild to, health problems that need to be checked by your veterinarian.  Whatever the cause, it’s best not to ever ignore when their skin is irritated.

Far too many pet owners ignore these skin-related issues, until it’s too late and has grown into an infection or is all over their paws or even in their ears.  Below you can find our best care tips.

dog itching remedies

Allergies Can Be The Cause

Allergies can be the number 1 irritation for major or minor scratching.  But, the big problem is trying to figure out what exactly is causing the issue and what sets everything into motion.  Some of these issues can be from dust, pollen, grass, food, diseases and a whole host of many other things.

Yes, their diet can cause them to lose their hair.

So let’s explore some dog itching remedies.

Your Dog Needs a Better diet

A good diet can go a long way to provide relief and provide relief from allergies.  Changing their diet should be one of the first things you try when trying to get rid of itching.  Many types on the market can cause or make matters worse.

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A quick look at the ingredients will allow a good amount of insight into what you are actually feeding daily.

One great resource is Dog Food Advisor.  This website can help you find better hypoallergenic alternatives.  These are the type you will want to try and feed if allergies are the cause.

Below is a video on how to read labels.

Better Flea Control

It seems like fleas are the most common.  Fleas can be the issue but, they can cause them to break out in a rash and even cause bleeding.

Finding a good natural flea spray is a must for anti-itch.  You might also want to look at your home.  Some homes have more fleas than others and many times the homeowners have no idea they are infested with fleas.  Take a proactive approach to fleas, in trying to prevent it, instead of after it happens.

For a full U.S. flea and tick season map click here.

Talk to your veterinarian, they have many options such as pills and sprays.  A pill that is given once a month will often suffice for these conditions.  And sprays can be applied to affected areas as needed.

Regular Bathing

This is especially true during the summer months when flea and allergy seasons are in full force.  Many pets scratch around this part of the year from being outside.  They may roll around in the grass and, then when you call them in, they have grass all over.  Many vets now know, many of these allergies are caused by pollen still being on their coat.  And this turns into an itchy problem.

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A regular bathing schedule can keep your pet healthy and happy from outside allergies and be one of the best dog itching remedies avaiable.  During allergy season, a rinse bath once a week is ok.  However, twice a week may be needed with a good oatmeal shampoo to help keep them free of allergens in their fur.

Regular brushing and grooming is also a must during this time and can have a soothing effect.

Antihistamine Medication

This of-course is something you want to talk to your vet about.  But just like in us, your best friend also, can have major flareups during this time of the year which can be helped by Benadryl.  Bullymax has a great article on how to give your dog benadryl.  Vitamin C can also work as a small natural antihistamine as well for inflammation.

When they itch, it is caused by their mass cells on their body.  These are what release histamines.  They have many more of these, then we do.

Simple Natural Herbal Remedies and Treatments

Baking soda which is most likely in your house can help aid with dog itching remedies.  It can be mixed with water, which will form a paste-like substance.  Then, all you do is apply to the itchy areas of their skin and leave on for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off.  You can also make a spray out of the banking soda.  Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water and then pour into a spray bottle.  Then just spray the areas of their coat they are attacking the most.

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Aloe Vera is also a natural reliever in these situations as well.  The natural plant is best over any store bought remedy.  The natural plant has enzymes that are active for only about three days after you cut the plant.  Most of these enzymes cannot be found in store bought products.

Coconut oil can also be rubbed on their skin as a relief.  Just be careful of any open wounds.

Gut Health

Probiotics can also help when it comes to allergies.  According to Holistic Vet Dr. Karen Becker all good health begins in the gut.  This allows you to start on the inside out and get to the root.

Essential fatty acids for dogs can also help.