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Bulldog Supplements

Bulldog supplements can help your dog live a better and more healthy life.  What vitamins can do is give the nutrition your bulldog does not get through their diet or food.  This is especially important as they are bulldog puppies, so they age gracefully.

English Bulldogs are those lovable dogs you see everywhere that most people just want to pick up and cuddle.  Even when they are a puppy they are adorable and then can make a great pet.

Many have that very noticeable under-bite and are short and stout.  Most of this breed does not last past 6 or 7 years.

Most English Bulldogs are very friendly and are not aggressive at all or by nature.

Health Issues

bulldog supplements

Many Bulldogs are affected by these issues with hip dysplasia being the number one cited problem.

Hypothyroidism and heart disease are also very common in this breed.  You can also find many Bulldogs have a high rate of allergies as well.

Are These Treatable in Bulldogs?

Yes, some can be very treatable.  You will want to get a good food, preferably the best you can, for your English bulldog.

Also, try to offer some type of supplements to help with their other issues with the coat and skin.

When feeding your dog, try to get the best kibble you can find.  We do not recommend buying cheap food from your local dollar store.

You can also go into Petco or get even better natural products online.

Feeding raw is also the best thing you can give to your dog.  But, many owners try for a bit and then give up because it’s such a huge commitment to prepare their meals day in and day out.

A dog and humans share a lot respectively we are about 70% alike, so they need nourishment, water that will provide all their nutrition and minerals to them.

Supplements Can Help

Just make sure you ask your vet what bulldog supplements they think your dog needs and why.

Many dog owners to think they need to have a certain supplement and then give the whole bottle or follow exactly as the directions state on the back.

Also, if you are feeding your dog properly then you can count on giving your dog just a low dose.

Always start slow as well, you don’t even know if your dog is used to these supplements yet and you don’t want him getting sick from giving too much too fast.

There is no rush to giving the full dose of supplements at all.  Vitamins can take a long time to get into your dog’s body fully.

It can take up to one year in some cases.  Your vet can explain more about this concept if needed.

Help For Your BullDogs Coat

Bulldogs have a great coat that’s usually pretty shiny but, because of their roles in their skin they will need to be cleaned.

Bulldog supplements with Omega 3 in it will help to keep your dogs coat shiny and free from many things that can cause infection.

Hip Dysplasia Problems

Ironically bulldogs have the highest instance of this joint condition out of any other dog breed on the planet.

This is why it’s important to feed quality and buy a supplement that includes Chondroitin & Glucosamine for hips.

Gut Health

Another overlooked factor for any Bulldog is gut health.

Many red blood cells are made right in the gut from good bacteria so choosing a supplement that includes probiotics is a must.


Most dogs do not get everything they need in their meals.  There could be several reasons for this.

One might be is they have an underlying health issue that stops some products from processing correctly in their body.

The other may be the make and type of food they are eating.  Most made today are overcooked killing much of the value.  Many companies do this so the products can last longer and is much cleaner.

However, processed foods do not have as much vitamins in them which their liver cannot really process.

This is why you should consider daily healthy bulldog supplements for your dog as a way to make sure they get what they need.