Pitbull Supplements

How To Bulk up Your Pitbull

There could be many reasons you want to learn how to bulk up your pitbull.  Your dog could just be underweight and you want to make them more healthy.

Or you want to enter your dog in some sports competition like weight pulling or some other kind of sport.

Either way, trying to bulk up your dog can have benefits.  But, sometimes it’s not an easy task.

You might try over and over again without success and ask yourself. “what am I doing wrong”?

So, there are steps any pitbull owner can take to help bulk their k9.

These include diet changes, supplementation, and good old-fashioned exercise.  But not necessarily in that order for how to bulk up your pitbull.

how to bulk up your pitbull

First, however, always check with a licensed veterinarian before starting any program for your dog.

Your local vet will always know what’s best for your K9.  If you notice any signs and or symptoms of any changes in your dog, please bring in to your vet’s attention.

They will be able to understand if your dog needs any treatment for their health before starting.

So when trying to bulk up a pitbull, here are the ways to do it.

How To Bulk Up Your Pitbull With Supplements

Supplements and vitamins are a great addition to any pit bull’s diet.  There are many on the market for Pitbulls and dogs alike.

So how do you know which one to choose over the other?

Well, we make it easy.  We sue Bully Max for all of our dogs and pits.

Bully Max can not only help you bulk up your dog and build muscle, it’s great for their health also.  We like to call it the 1,2 punch for a dog’s health.

Sure, you have to have all the other key things like a good diet and exercise but proper supplementation can help your dog in many ways.

All you really have to do is give them 1 or two a day either in the morning, after exercise or with their daily meals.

Dogs love the taste and there are a few different products to choose from also.  You can get either tablet form or choose the powder.

First, there is the original Bully Max in tablet form.

This is the best-selling product that started it all.  They have so many proven real reviews, you can’t help but not try the product.

Once given to your dog, they chew it up and swallow the vitamin goodness.

And, within about a month or so (depends on several factors how long), you will start to see changes in your dog’s appearance and health.

Now, it depends on what breed your dog is as what exactly will happen.  For the majority of k9’s, they will bulk up, and add muscle.

And if you don’t see results right away, you may need to change it up a bit and give your dog two tablets a day.

Plus all their products are interchangeable, you can mix one with the other.

Bully Max contains, great ingredients all designed to help aid your dog and avoid pitbull health problems.

It contains, vitamins D3, omega 6, vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin b 12, zinc, and much more.  It’s human grade too, and yes a human can consume this.  But we try and lay off.  lol

Here is a label for the healthy Bully Max Ingredients.


Bully Max is best for a dog for over 7 weeks.  This allows them to mature a little before giving them any pitbull supplements.

Also, Bully Max will never change the mood of your dog or it doesn’t contain any steroids or creatine or anything that will harm your dog in any way.

Btw, creatine can be harmful to your dog.  SO don’t give it to your dog no matter what you hear on the internet about pitbull vitamins.

One of the best things Bully Max does is build lean muscle mass on your dog.  This helps your dog to stay at the proper weight.

It’s also great after workouts, for recovery time.  Bully Max can truly aid in the time it takes your dog’s muscles to recover.

When a dog or even a human for that matter, exercises, especially with weights, their muscles actually tear.

How much, all depends on how hard the animal worked out.

Usually, dog food alone is never enough for your dog to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay fit, active, and healthy.

This is why supplementing with a good vitamin is recommended for how to bulk up your pitbull.

So as you can see supplements can be a great addition to any dog’s diet.

You just have to choose the right one and we chose Bully Max over all other vitamins for dogs.

Don’t believe us?  Just see their reviews.

Exercise Your Dog

If you really want to learn how to bulk up your pitbull, then you will need to have some kind of workout planned for them.

By the way, we highly recommend, you get your dog on a complete plan when bulking.  If you want the best results, a complete plan is what you need.

Now, there are many exercises you can choose to have your dog perform and some are better than others for bulking up your dog.

However, running is great for your dog also.

But, if you want more muscle definition then you will have to start them with something like weight pulling or using a spring pole.

The reason is, you need them to work their muscles for the best results.

Always wait until your dog is old enough to perform proper exercise which is usually around one year old.  And check with your vet.

Also, never overdo your dog’s exercise or weight pulling.

If you are making your dog do way too much also stop right away and let your dog rest a day or two before starting again.

Exercise is key to getting your dog to bulk up.  Make sure you plan for it weekly, like around 2 to 3 times a week.  And, then you will notice results very soon.

Here is a video for proper dog weight pulling training.

For weight pulling to be effective always start slow with a younger dog and have a routine, you introduce your dog to.

And start low when it comes to reps.  But try and get them to the park daily if you can.

Always give your dog a break in between reps.  Animals need rest too.  And always keep an eye on them when exercising.

Also, give them some water also during training.

Also, always make sure your dog goes to the bathroom before starting a workout.  If you don’t, it will cause a strain on your dog you and they don’t want.

Always use the correct harness size for weight pulling.  You don’t want one that pulls or rubs, while your dog is working out.

This again will cause strain and now allow your dog to perform.  An incorrect-sized harness can also injure your dog and or rip their muscles.

Also, make sure the length of your dog’s harness is not too long or too short.  If you get a harness that is too long, it will make your dog work way much harder than needed.

You also want your dog low to the ground during pulls.  The proper hardness also allows for more and better traction.

During weight pulling exercises always try to build your dog’s confidence and never yell at them.

You need to encourage them when learning how to bulk up your pitbull.  This is why it is important your dog works out from someone who is positive and gives off good energy.

So, if it’s you.  Always stay positive and confident and show your dog lots of love during workouts.

Dogs work out mostly because they want to impress their owners, they are not doing it for themselves, so please keep this in mind.

And sports like weight pulling is not inhumane.  As long as done correctly, it can be a very healthy activity.  You have to ask yourself, is it ok to let your dog sit around and do nothing all day?


A good healthy diet is essential for all dogs but, especially the ones who work out and exercise all the time and really is key for how to bulk up your pitbull.

Diet is the key ingredient of the whole plan to learn how to bulk up your pitbull.

There are many diets you can choose from.  One that we like is the all-natural diet for dogs of the BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet.

Here is a video for BARF if you want to try it.

One of the great things about this diet is, you can use Bully Max when making it.

This diet will help your dog’s muscle structure and will help provide all-natural fuel and energy for your dog’s body.

Don’t take your dog’s diet lightly, especially if they are involved in K9 sports.

Try and buy the best quality dog food you can afford and make some all-natural meals for them also.  Your dog will love them.

Summary and Final Thoughts

When trying to learn how to bulk up your pitbull or any dog, always have a plan that includes the 3 steps above.

Missing just one step in the process will not take your dog’s health to the next level.  You really need all 3 vitamins and or supplements, exercise, and a good diet.

If you want to be a good dog owner you will include all 3 in their daily plan.  It doesn’t take long to implement all of these.

And the benefit will be your dog will be healthy, happy, and full of life and will bring longevity.

Always remember to stay positive during any and all workouts.  Dogs can sense bad or good energy and it will reflect on their moods.