Pitbull Supplements

Pitbull Strength Training

One thing about Pitbulls is, the ability to work out with pitbull strength training like it was meant to be done. And, it’s very good for dogs to work out regularly just like it is for humans. Humans and dogs share about 70% of the same genetic makeup. While another 30% may be different, one … Read more

Best Dog Food For Working Dogs

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Best Dog Food For Working Dogs Finding the Best Dog Food For Working Dogs is always a challenge as working dogs need a very specific diet. What does that mean? Instead of regular dogs, working dogs need a lot more fatty acids, proteins and they need to stay away from large amounts of carbs. Simply … Read more

Dog Food Allergy Symptoms

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Dog Food Allergy Symptoms and What You Need To Know Dog food allergy symptoms can be detected in dogs in many different ways. One of the best ways to observe these symptoms is to keep a close watch on your dog for subtle changes. Changes can occur in your dog’s coat or skin and may … Read more

Dogs Skin Problems and Some Remedies

Dogs Skin Problems and What To Do About It Dogs skin problems occur as a result of fungi, fleas, dry skin, allergies, mites, and mange, originating from hereditary and parasitic skin problems. However, most of these conditions can easily be treated, while others may cause a dangerous underlying condition if not quickly diagnosed. Parasitical problems are … Read more

Dog Itching Remedies

Dog Itching Remedies and What We Found Helps Here are some dog itching remedies for you to consider.  One of the biggest issues owners can face, is when your friend starts scratching and won’t stop.  It can truly be a very frustrating problem for both parties and can start and stop after only a few weeks.  … Read more