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Best Dog Food – Our Top Pick

What We Know To Be The Best Dog Food On The Market

One thing we know you want for your dog is the very best dog food available, and we don’t blame you.  In fact, most people want the very best for their dog as well; it’s just sometimes they cannot seem to afford it.

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best dog food

Those serious about their dog’s health will want to take a look at the BullyMax high-performance dog food.  This food is for all dog breeds.

It also contains 535 calories per serving and is labeled as 30/20 for 30 protein and 20 fat.

What is so great about this food is that it’s not only for working dogs but, it’s also suitable for all dog breeds, even puppies.

Given The Highest Dog Food Advisor Rating of 5 Stars

Bully Max is top quality and even has received a high 5-star rating from dog food advisor.

Making The Switch of Food For Your Dog

One thing the company gets right is showing right on the bag how to slowly mix foods until your dog is on the new one.  Many people are not aware when buying a fresh food for your dog; you should introduce the foods slowly to avoid your dog from having issues.

dog food switch chart

Product reviews

This company not only gets substantial reviews on their website but they also get 5-star reviews on Amazon.com also.

Real Meat Included

One of the best things about them is it includes real meat which can typically have up to 300% more actual meat protein than other foods which contain a by-product of fresh chicken, which is for bulking your dog.

No Artificial Ingredients

Another thing about the food is nothing artificial or junk in the ingredients.

Also, there is no soy, wheat or corn.  Soy has been shown to be wrong for any dogs, and this goes for humans as well.  Corn can also be GMO genetically modified which is good for no one and wheat can cause allergies.

Made In The USA

Its real food that’s made 100% in the USA, so you know you are getting a quality product made by people who care.

Made in an FDA facility

This food is also cared for and delivered in a 100% grade medical FDA approved factory.

A One Year Shelf Life

Bully Max is food that can last up to a year.  But it’s not too long.

A Full Disclosed Label

The company does disclose everything 100% that goes into their food right on the label.  There is no stone left unturned when it comes to quality.

What Breed of Dogs Can Eat This?

All dog breeds can use this top quality food.  This food is exceptionally well for working dogs because of the extra calories but can be used by even larger dogs by just cutting the amount in half when they eat.

How Much Do You Feed Your Dog?

As we have stated before, its good for all dog breeds to help them build muscle and is especially useful for working dogs.

They have included a picture on the side of the bag to show you how much you should give your dog.

Which does include charts for Lbs and Kg for even if you are buying overseas in another country?

Also, it tell’s you the standard measuring cup size located on the bottom of the bag.

And also included in the bag are instructions for weaning pups, growing pups and pregnant and nursing dogs as well.

If you need any other instruction to have any other questions you can always call Bully Max or use their live chat.

Their representatives are always very helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly to work with everytime you call.

I believe their chat lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm eastern standard, during weekdays.

But be sure to check their site for any changes.  It’s genuinely a top-notch food for all dogs and an impressive high protein dog food product.

What Are The True Best Foods For Your Dog?

One of the best foods you can give to your dog is pure unadulterated raw food.  It’s the raw food that has not been mixed with anything else and is not in any way made from junk ingredients.  Dogs have issues breaking down processed foods or food that has gone through cooking.  With cooked food, the enzymes are just not there for your pet, and your dog needs these to break down their food better.

So, always feed raw if you can for your dog.

Taking a Look At Nutrition

One thing you want to consider is your dog needs proper nutrition and from good sources and diet is the 100% foundation of robust health for your dog.  And one thing you need to take into consideration about food is:  Foods can heal and or foods can harm.  So, you need to find an excellent line when choosing food for your dog.

Its why it’s important to take a look at what you are giving your dog inside and out.

Dogs are carnivores and require high protein, and high moisture and dogs need about 70% moisture in their diet.  If your dog does not get enough fluid or moisture in their diet, then this can cause undue stress to their organs from dehydration.  You also want to make sure you put your dog a low starch diet as well.  It includes grains, corn, wheat, rice, are all carbohydrates and have no biological value for dogs or cats.

A Balanced Diet Is Important For Your Dog

Any food you buy or make needs to meet all your dogs essential nutrient and mineral levels.  It is also imperative, and you want to look for food which has gone through proper testing.

Do not try and guess if the foods you give to your dogs are balanced; this can be bad.  A dog can become more nutrient deficient faster than a human can.  So, a puppy who is not eating the proper diet will show insufficient nutrient signs about 2-6 months after a severe diet.  And an adult dog will start to show signs about 2-3 years after a bad food.

balanced raw homemade diet is best for your dog.  Its easily achieved by following a recipe that has been made to have everything needed for your dog.  Always ask if you are unsure.

Talking With Your Veterinarian

If you are unsure of what you should give your dog then, a right place to start is discussing with your local veterinarian.  Not every vet is 100% up to date on nutrition and what it can do for your dog’s body.

You might also want to consult with a pet nutritionist if your doggie doc falls short in this area.  Just make sure you talk to someone who can teach you how to give your dog a balanced nutritional diet.  Its essential for many reasons, many diseases are linked to years and years of unbalanced diets with no nutritional value.

Making A Daily Eating Plan For Your Dog

One thing about nutrition for your dog is, this is not something you do once a week or once a month, and your dog has eaten well for the week.  No, a well balanced nutritional diet is something you need to prepare for and plan.

So, if you can make a few days of food in advance for your dog while you are preparing your meals, this is ideal.  Doing a few a week is effortless.

Forget The Grains

Grain is not something you should give your dog.  These are carbohydrates your dog does not need and most likely has issues digesting.  Much of the carbs found on commercially sold dogs food are junk your dog will have problems with it.  Much of these carbs are just junk fillers because the pet food industry only cares about using something cheap to help your dog feel it’s full after it eats.  But the simple truth is these do much more harm than good.

Food Allergies

One thing you may or may be aware of it is food allergies.  When and if you ever see how food allergies can affect your dog, you will be amazed how just eliminating a particular food can help your dog more then you ever knew.

Many of these allergies can come from wheat and grain.  These are the most common culprits.  But food allergies can cause things like inflammation for your dog.

Know what to look for in your dog, to spot a food allergy.  Some signs are patchy hair loss, weak stool or diarrhea, chronic ear infections, weight gain, and more.

Processed Diets Can Cause Cancer

This type of diet has shown many links to cancer.  Some carcinogens are introduced into your dog’s body if you feed these types diet and usually it is from the food making process.  These foods put a significant strain on your dog’s body and organs and decades of this kind of diet can cause cancer.

Where Else To Turn For Help

You could now be more confused now looking things up for the best dog food, or maybe you are just a new dog owner and just need some more advice.  The number one things here is never to give up and keep learning all you can.

If you are new to figuring out dogs foods, it is a process and will take some time to understand what you need to know.  And, you will make some mistakes along the way.

One of the best things we recommend is just to keep on learning and reading all you can.  There are many great websites like Dog Food Advisor and Dog Food Insider where you can read about other reviews and get the latest.