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Best Dog Food For Working Dogs

Best Dog Food For Working Dogs

Finding the Best Dog Food For Working Dogs is always a
challenge as working dogs need a very specific diet. What does that mean?
Instead of regular dogs, working dogs need a lot more fatty acids, proteins and
they need to stay away from large amounts of carbs. Simply put, nutrient
quality is crucial here and it’s important to figure out what foods are
suitable for the working dog and how much you should feed them.

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The working dog needs to have around 20-30% protein from his
food. Vitamins, fatty acids and even a little bit of carbs will be ok. Just try
to avoid overdoing this and you will be just fine. It’s important to understand
that properly as otherwise there will be issues.

Bully Max High-Performance Dog Food

We believe that the Bully Max High Performance Dog Food is a very good option because it has a dense nutritional profile. It has a large number of calories, but it also supplies the amino acids and proteins that your dog really needs at this time. They have 30% more protein and 20% more fatty acids than any other product on the market, which makes it an amazing value for money to be honest. They are using meat-based ingredients and this product is even suitable for nursing dogs. The major benefit is that it can be combined with any diet you want and it will still work really well. Just consider giving it a try and you will find it really impressive.

Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix

There are many things to like about the Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Base Mix. This one is very easy to prepare, and you will have a very nutritious plate that the dog can enjoy. You have the option to prepare it if you want, or you can give it fully raw to your dog. It’s grain-free, which is a stellar thing to have in dog food, and it maintains the versatility you need. Plus, this food, in particular, has a lot of antioxidants, which is always a plus to have to say the least.

Every ingredient is acquired from the US and the mix itself is also made in the United States too. There are lots of different ingredients here like organic honey and kelp, bananas, pumpkin, spinach, apples, organic coconut, sweet potatoes and many others. And in addition to that, they brought vitamin E and D3, iron amino acid chelate, thiamine, and tricalcium phosphate. These are great for every working dog, and he will have the energy boost and resilience he needs for a very long time. This is also a non-GMO product as well.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High-Protein Kibble

While there are many amazing dog foods for working dogs, the
Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High-Protein Kibble is definitely a standout. The
reason is simple, the company found a wonderful superfood combination in the
form of ocean fish, tomato pomace, canola oil, potatoes, peas, sweet potatoes,
chicken, egg, lamb, venison and bison. This combination is a godsend for
working dogs and it continues to impress with its amazing quality and
versatility. When you prepare food for dogs, you always want the best result
you can get, and in this case you just can’t ask for something any better. It’s
just something that really stands out as being unique, powerful and your dog
will enjoy it a lot. There are no preservatives, colors or artificial flavors,
and that really makes it an incredible purchase for any dog owner.

AvoDerm Natural Dog Food

The thing that really makes the AvoDerm Natural Dog Food unique is its antioxidant formula. It’s mostly suitable for very active adult dogs, so working dogs are a clear destination for this type of product. They added turkey, lamb, and chicken here, but also herring, flaxseed, brown rice, apple and avocado, among many others. All of these are very good ingredients for any dog food, and you will be very impressed with the great nutritional value provided here.

This entire formula is highly digestible and they made sure
that it won’t bring any digestive problems to your pet. Not only that, but it
helps protect from the inside out, it has a wonderful immune system
reinforcement system and it’s a pleasure to eat and enjoy. It’s well worth giving
it a try, and you will find it extremely dependable and enjoyable for your pet.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned

Should you feed your dog canned food? Products like Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned are ok because they have all the nutrients and compounds that you really need. The most important aspect related to this product is that you really get a lot of value for money and you will like how everything comes together. The main focus is to provide wet food that’s tastier than dry kibble, but which has similar nutritious properties. It’s mostly suitable for strong dogs and working dogs, it’s super digestible and it helps your pet stay healthy in the long run.

Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20

As we mentioned earlier, working dogs need lots of high fat and high protein in their food. This is the best option out there when it comes to the pure amount of protein delivered. It’s the dog food for working dogs that a lot of people want just because it’s so good and reliable. We find it extremely interesting and appealing, but at the same time, it’s also rewarding and different. You do want to check it out and give it a try, especially since it helps build up good muscle mass.

In the end, these are all great dog foods for working dogs.
They deliver a great value for money and the ingredients are specifically
focused on offering more protein and fatty acids for your active pet. It might
take a little bit to find the right option, but results can be extraordinary
and that’s why you want to give it a try right away!