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pitbull supplements

These dogs need love and attention from their owners to have a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.  However, they also need other things to make their life complete.  Along with exercise and play time.  Many K9’s can benefit from supplementation and natural dog food.

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Many owners believe they know all and are allowing their friend the best dog food and or supplements.  But, does one know what is going on in your their body without proper testing of vitamin levels?

There is no way of knowing unless your K-9 gets a blood test.

Even the great Hulk Dog adds something to his diet.

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Also, your pup may have a particular problem digesting a specific vitamin from just food and may be losing other vitamins through exercise, drinking water and from being sick at times.  Your pooch may also lose the ability to process the vitamins they used to be able to as they get older.  Or you may need a weight gainer for dogs.  dog-protein-supplement

So the truth is, you may think you know, but you do not know unless you are on top of having them testing regularly.

Also, many vets turn a blind eye to nutrition.  As long as they seem healthy, everything is fine.

Even the best XL Pitbull owners use this.

Why Your Dog Can Benefit

The bottom line is they benefit from vitamins if you give them the correct ones.  It’s a little-known fact; they do not get everything they need from just food.  The reason is their dog food is processed by cooking to temperatures that kill all of the nutrition.

Now, this all depends on the type you choose and that cheap product people buy at the dollar store does not cut it.

Finding a quality product can help change you’re their life.  Even if you are buying what you think is decent, your dog will start to see significant benefits healthwise.

Some owners report a much better coat and clearer skin along with improved energy.  They will seem more happy and healthy.

What To Look For in Vitamins

You will want to choose an all natural whole vitamin for your dog.  If the product you pick is all natural their body will benefit better from being able to digest it properly.

If you are unsure of what to choose, talk with your veterinarian.  They can help you select the proper supplement for them.

Remember every dog is different and has different health concerns.  Its why you might need to look for a product that aligns with your dog’s current health.

Starting Slow At First

When giving any vitamin, you will want to start slow.  Do not just go off the back of the bottle and start them on the recommended dose.  Many times your dog will need time to get used to the product before you go full force.

Usually, a small dose for about a week is enough to see if they will have any issues while taking them.

It’s very common for, people to buy something for building muscle and they start adding way too much.  It can cause issues in your dog.

What To Consider If You Are Already Giving Other Products

You may or may not be giving your dog other vitamins, minerals or protein.  Many times it’s ok to combine some products, but you have to know what’s in these products before doing so.

A great place to start is either with the company you are buying from or your vet.

Be careful of issues with adding too much protein.  It can cause them to have diarrhea, hair loss, fatty liver, vomiting and more.  These products can contain protein.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with protein to any dog, it’s usually best to reserve higher protein products for more active dogs.

How Long Until I See Results?

With most products, you can expect to see benefits and results in a few weeks.  However, usually, it takes longer for all the benefits to kick in.

Think Of Their Health

One of the best reasons you are giving something to your dog is for their health.  There are many benefits to adding a good vitamin that will happen over time.

Remember you will be giving them joy and happiness by making them feel much better.

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